Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Foodstuffs: A Dog/Fox's Dinner

Poppy McKee pretty much had a taste test of a day today. Me versus the Cesar dog. Now, while I took culinary classes, that little dog has a much better haircut and sunnier disposition, so it really could go either way....

Since it is just she and I this year (Damn Amtrak for not allowing dog/foxes. She is a service dog/fox! She serves as my lapwarmer?!?!?!), I decided that I would spend about $15 dollars (not counting the wine) and only do a few things from scratch. The entire start to finish on this dinner took 30 minutes, a new Thanksgiving record.

So about that turkey.... We did not have turkey, we had chicken, and here's why.... Poppy cannot adequately tell the difference. We only have one of those mini-stoves with oven so a small bird would be necessary. She is a 7.5 lbs. dog and I could not find any turkeys that small and all the turkey breasts were sold out, not shockingly. We are going to have the same dinner in three weeks in Vegas so I think we can live with chicken.

I made her a small bowl replicating some of what I had, and had the forethought to put it in a glass bowl so I could see what she was going for through the bowl. She clearly cannot be expected to stop and give feedback as she goes, this is not Kitchen Stadium. What I did not anticipate, though, was quite how quickly she would gobble up her dinner, so therefore, some of the photos are fuzzed. I took over 120 and these were the only ones where she was not frantically having at the bowl, which she ate in under 3 minutes, a new record for someone her size.

Poppy's dinner is as follows: 2 ounces minced baked chicken, 3 tablespoons turkey gravy, 2 tablespoons Stove Top turkey stuffing (I could live on Stove Top for an entire winter and nothing else very happily), and one tablespoon of chopped skinless apple. Basically, she went apeshit on it. I guess I kicked the Cesar dog's ass.