Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Agoraphobic Cuisine

Andrew is away on an acoustic adventure in foggy Londontown, therefore, I get to be as agoraphobic as I like and no one can nag me because I don't ever answer my phone. HA! And really, I am more neighoborhoodophobic anyway. However, this means that there is no one to fetch me choice treats from outside this barren wasteland called Central Park North. Damn you, ghetto with no food or civilization that no one will deliver to for fear of getting mugged! So I have to resort to what is already in the apartment and that can be tricky.

There are two items which shine brightly as things I forgot were tasty and now am going to throw back into the regular rotation, Cheerios and Morningstar Farms Philly Cheese Steak Burgers.

As we all know, Cheerios are one of the most basic cereals you can find, without all the crap being put in cereal now and are fantabulous with Vanilla Rice Dream. They provide tons of fiber, which I am addicted to not just a little bit. They also don't get soggy quickly as I have a tendency to walk away from food and forget about it until 20 minutes later. Anyone who is interested in heart health or lowering their cholesterol should have them on their shelf ASAP. They're back in the rotation!

And as for Morningstar Farms Philly Cheese Steak Burgers, those I have loved for a long time. Unfortunately, our apartment has a freezer that I hate and tend to avoid, so I forget what's in there. They have 10g of protein per "burger" which is largely derived from my arch-nemesis, soy. However, they are so tasty that I kind of overlook that fact. And they taste great out of the microwave with just a little sprinkle cheese and either some tomato sauce, salsa, etc. I would make more extraordinary things out of them, but I just cannot be bothered. Not shockingly, when there is no one for me to impress with my culinary skills, I just cannot be bothered. Grrr!

~beth (Who is reminding everyone to recycle! Really, people, it's not that hard.)

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