Friday, September 5, 2008

Farewell, Dear Worm Box, RIP seems that the way to keep your feisty little worms alive and well and not completely decimated is to not leave them for two weeks while you go on vacation. I know this seems like a no brainer, but I did leave them plenty of food and young Becca did visit them every few days, spritzing their box if it seemed hot or dry.

Then we come back from Vegas, it looks kind of OK in there. Due to their digestive prowess, it is hard to tell what is vermicompost, what are coffee grounds, and where the worms are in that mess. And then a few days later it was all over. Suddenly the box was overtaken by white mold, every inch of it. It is totally suspect since everything was carefully washed or frozen before being added to the box. Grrr! The composting people really need to train their interns to answer emails already, because they were no help. Alas, Andrew laid the little worms to rest just yesterday and cleaned out their box completely unsure if we will try again.

Very sad indeed....and now in their honor, a shark pouring a little out, for the wormies.


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