Friday, September 26, 2008

I Heart Pickles: 8th Annual NYC International Pickle Day

When I heard about the 8th Annual NYC International Pickle Day, I cleared the calendar. Beginning as a small child, eating virtually all garden harvest in the form of pickles my mother made and canned on the farm, I have been hooked. My favourites have always been the dilly bean, zucchini pickles, pickled beets, and sauerkraut. Therefore the concept of two full blocks of pickle madness got me really excited. Apparently, it got the rest of the city excited as well as you could almost not walk through the street fair. I know they expanded it to be two city blocks this year, year, they should aim for three or four. There were long long lines to get to the pickle goodness and due to it being the last humidity-riddled hot weekend in New York City (9/14/08), it was a hot mess!

The NYFood Museum (which I must find a day to go explore, to see the past to present of pickle lore) put on the pickle worship session on Orchard Street between Broome and Grand and next year, I am going to earlier and be more prepared! Here are some random photos of pickle goodness. Please to enjoy.

Yes, I bought this shirt, and it so looks better on me!

~beth who is making pickles as soon as this post is finished.

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